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Notes From the Higher Heavens — Light The Beleza

| Notes From the Higher Heavens |

Dear one, if you are passing through darker clouds in this point of your earthly existence-please, don’t fret, rather focus your attention on the invisible rainbows that are still awaiting your discovery, and also, on your claiming of all the goodness that are yet to appear in yourself and life. For, as you go through darker clouds you will be aware that this is a temporary situation that is simply requiring more of your love to enfold you, and, infuse onto you the knowing of your highest promise that is yet for you to deliver to humankind and the World. As everything has a greater purpose as you experience, that which you experience. One could say that behind the curtain of each play there is greatness to be revealed upon you, as you welcome it freely, thus, it becomes so in your living reality. Alike the rainbows that are still awaiting your discovery, for all the rainbows of the Highest-Creator is existing simultaneously as the darker clouds, as you and We too are. My dear one in this dimension hope serves you as the way to arise from the point of knowing that illumination shall guide you onto the higher-ways. Therefore, if you hold on to the knowing that  many rainbows are still awaiting your discovery as you are going through darker clouds, this becomes the knowing that turns into the fuel beneath your own wings. Be well dear one, trust that all is of higher purpose as you travel through some darker clouds, for all is temporary in your earthly existence, and do remember that are many, many rainbows awaiting you. We surround you with much love and light during all times as well as beyond it.

“Trust In The Light That Is You”.

We love you!

 Let the magic within gently expand, and see yourself and life through newer eyes. The eyes, which sees magic as a way of the higher-life!

Peace enters the heart of stillness and gently washes away the fear of tomorrow’s uncertainties. Thus creating a field of tranquility all around you; that assists you in declaring yourself as peaceful!

You’re a child of the “HIGHEST UNIVERSE” and through the eyes of your soul magnificence is revealed upon you.


 Dear one, today surround yourself with those that assist you to grow, and love you in all reasons! Those, that laugh and cry with you: simultaneously recognizing who they are as they keep valuing you, in all reasons.

The hand that gives the extra light and touches another heart and life surely is a blessed hand. Especially, to the recipient of his/hers blessings as it too simply recognizes its own blessed hand!


A beautified heart carries the power to see light wherever it looks, and create beauty wherever it goes.


Your tears are seen and your sorrows are felt by “The Mighty ONE” that walks with you ever so gently and guides you back into your home. Especially, during the times, that you tend to feel the most alone!


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