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Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | March 8th, 2014








Happy Women’s Day!

As we celebrate sisterhood today,
Heart to heart and soul to soul!
May we recall our courage and inspiration;
That, which is always in our daily lives working its magic…
As we live with the higher-intent of creating a better life and World.
Heart to heart and soul to soul!


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Wednesday, May 8th, 2013.

Tears And Laughter

Honouring our tears as well as our laughter is essential for our personal well-being and growth. As we often tend to hold back our tears with apprehension that perhaps we will be judged as weak, traumatic or overreacting. But the truth is, we cannot heal ourselves nor our lives and move forth graciously until we claim our grief and losses and allow our tears to surface with trust in our hearts.

Whether we are grieving someone we have loved, and still love, that is now on the other side, or the ending of a relationship, or illness in our lives, whether it is ourselves or someone we love.

These as well as many other occurrences in our lives at times can be so overwhelming that it feels like our hearts are being shattered into pieces and our lives are unraveling before our own very eyes at great speed.

During these times it is extremely important to have faith and hope and be extra kind to ourselves, and to also surround ourselves with others that are loving, compassionate and understanding, to allow our tears to surface and be the purifier of our wounds and sorrows.

For our tears are important indicators of which need to be healed in ourselves and lives, and equally as important as our laughter. Both of these profound expressions in our human experience are generated from love and joy.

As we experience grief we know in our hearts that we have loved and were loved by those that are no longer in our daily lives, and the occurrences of our lives start to shift as we heal and trust, that, which was experienced and honoured by us and through us, and thus we move forth graciously knowing that we are ready to experience more love and joy in our lives.

We all have the great ability to cry and to laugh, to love and be joyous and it makes our lives what they are. Tears and laughter are equally healing and essential for our well-being and growth.

Each day that we are present to which that we feel is a gift that we truly give unto ourselves. A celebration of life itself !

May your day be filled with love.


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Monday, May 6th, 2013.

Generating More Love

Loving yourself and others always equates to generating more love in your life, as well as in the lives of other’s, and world. This is the way you create your soulful experiences, those, that are clearly attuned with your pre-ordained mission and path.

And, the more you love yourself, the easier it is for you to embrace, forgive and heal any past sorrows and hurts of the heart, mind and body, and to create heavens alike here on earth, as your life.

As you embrace all that you are, and stand in your genuine power and wisdom, which thus allow the higher current to flow fluently through you and as you, and carry you in ease and grace to all the good that life has to offer in the here and now.

For you to keep experiencing, the soulful experiences: those that are clearly attuned to your pre-ordained mission and path.

So, loving yourself and others always equates to generating more love and greater expansion. This creates Heavens alike on earth, as your life.

Where, you know that here and now you’re the gift, and the chosen one, that has the genuine power to create beauty by simply claiming all that you are. As you keep loving yourself as well as others, which is key to generating more love.

“Your love is changing lives and the world”. Thank you for being here – now!


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Friday, May 3rd, 2013.

“Beauty is the eyes of God

Thus beauty HE sees and creates”


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Thursday, January 10th, 2013.

Transmuting Regrets

Your personal regrets are the grievances of the past: the consequences of your choices that were either active or inactive. And, if healing has not yet occurred chances are that your inner conversation is one of discontent and dissonance and is in misalignment with your genuine divine inspiration. The discontent and dissonance that easily taints the lenses which you see yourself and life through as well as the way you respond to life. As it fuels the stirrings of your heart and affects your moment and the best possible futures which are determined by your genuine divine inspiration that guides you to best and higher choices and actions.

If you are on the path of questioning, blaming and judging yourself chances are that doubts are arising and shaking your very own ability to trust yourself fully to make newer choices which can lead you to feel dis-empowered and reluctant to course correct with choices that are in alignment with your higher self.

Restoring peace and balance in your inner conversation is essential, with the clear knowing that this is the time to accept, forgive and let go of what no longer serves you in the highest and best way, and move pass the past. For regrets to no longer hold you back or have any power over you nor your life. Acceptance, forgiviness and letting go are powerful acts that lead you to the moment of newness and allows you to see yourself and your life through clear lenses. To choose, choices and actions that are in alignment with your genuine divine inspiration. To empower you at all levels, for you to experience your best life.

“Be kind with yourself and remember that every day you are given an opportunity to start afresh”.


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Tuesday, January 1st, 2013.

Happy New Year !

As you welcome the year 2013 you are also welcoming new energy and a great opportunity to live “365 days in the infinite heart of possibility”.  Aware on how to respond to life as it unfolds, in a state of gratitude, appreciation and grace. As you choose to be and create natural courageous motions, those, that shall allow higher returns in all levels of your life. As you say yes to your birthright and move graciously upon your most illuminated path.

For you to step up and out of your comfort zone and move forwards on to newer dreams. With the choices that allows you to be upon your most illuminated path. So, as you move forth in this state of being and creating, everything will be seen with greater clarity in “365 days in the infinite heart of possibility”.  Saying yes to your birthright and being joyous for who you are and for your life.

Happy, HAPPY… “365 Days in Infinite Heart of Possibility”.


Posted by | Filomena Lavigne | Wednesday, December 26th, 2012.

A new era has begun.

As the end of 5,125 years cycle concluded, and another has been birthed a newer rythm has begun in our world and lives. This is a time of celebration for our world and species; a time of our becoming. As we each renew our commitment to know and see ourselves from the “Highest-Point”, ready and willing to express our divinity through our thoughts, words and actions.

Those, that are embedded with love for more love to be the re-action in our lives and world and to evoke vibratory shifts in accordnce to it. Thus, creating higher possibility for more good solutions and resolutions be seen clearly and readily for more peace, grace and ease be the ongoing in our hearts, lives and world. While we all navigate through this wondrous land, for our lives to reflect the Heaven within as per up “Above”.  As we keep recognising the fullness that we are, always present and allowing our unfolding to be from our highest- mission and the way that we rise and walk upon our higher path.

As we keep remembering that renewal of some prior commitments is always required in order for changes to occur in our lives and world. To let go of what no longer serves us in the here and now. Thus, as we open ourselves up to welcome and receive greater opportunities to create and co-create in our lives and world from our “Highest-Point” always recognising to express our divinity wherever we are and, wherever we go.

Knowing that “individually and collectively” we are moving forth our species evolution thus, we rise and create a Heavens alike in the here now.

This is a time of celebration, a newer beginning has begun and we are all being called into our higher-becoming.

“We Are Needed In This Earth-The Progress Of Our Evolution Is Dependent In Each One Of Us”.


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